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How Flexible Work Can Stimulate Innovation

There are many ways to gain a competitive edge. Organizations are starting to recognize that they can leverage workplace flexible to stay competitive. One way that flexibility is making organizations better is in the area of innovation. This article will discuss how workplace flexibility stimulates innovation in organizations.


What is innovation? In general, innovation involves finding new and better ways to solve problems.
Innovation requires flexibility to take a little amount of risk so trial runs can be conducted. Innovation is born out of looking at problems from different perspectives. Looking at problems from different points of view reveal new solutions, perhaps never thought of before. Organizations can then experiment with those new ideas in small test cases.

Fresh Set of Eyes

So how does workplace flexibility help stimulate innovation? Having flexible and remote teams in your organization gives you the opportunity to recruit team members from a wide range of different cultures, backgrounds, and locations. Bringing a diverse team together brings a fresh set of eyes to an organization or project. Those team members not only contribute their own unique perspective, but the combination of unique perspectives also generates new ideas. Flexible and remote teams can lead to shifts in perspective to create new ideas to solve problems.


Workplace flexibility gives team members the opportunity to find a better work life balance. Team
members become less stressed about work and begin to see their employment in a more positive light. This would lead to increased loyalty, dedication, and commitment to seeing the organization succeed. Employees would be motivated to take the initiative to think about and propose ways to improve the organization.

Many Mini Labs

A flexible organization of productive and motivated workers will give birth to many mini labs of
innovators. A workforce with diverse backgrounds will generate new ideas. As we discussed in a
previous article called, 3 Effective Leadership Strategies for Flexible Workforces, the proper
communication and collaboration processes have to be in place to make sure that new ideas are
collected, reviewed, and tested. If the organization is lacking a competency in communication
processes improvement, seek help from consultants in that area. Your organization definitely does not want to miss out on the next big idea merely because the right processes were not in place.

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The next article in this series will discuss how your flexible workforce can achieve greatness.

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