The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Leading Remote Teams

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Even the greatest challenges can be overcome with effective team communication. Team members need to know what each other is doing and be able to effectively share information. However, the challenges
when working in flexible teams may be different. For example, what does an “open door policy” mean in flexible and remote teams? Does it mean that you can Skype your team leader at all time or does it
refer to email? Also, how do you address the challenges of building team cohesion and building rapport among team members?

Leveraging the POWER of Virtual Teams

Leveraging the POWER of Virtual Teams is a FREE 1-hour online workshop designed to help you determine if “REMOTE” is right for your team (or even your entire company). And, if you already employ this incredible productivity booster, we’ll share insights to help you overcome the unique challenges associated with leading and managing flexible work teams.