Agnosticism is a term frequently connected with the Wiccan religion, yet it really incorporates unquestionably a greater number of religions and ways of thinking than that. Contingent upon who is utilizing the term, Paganism can arrange any religion outside of the Abrahamic monotheistic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Or any religion outside of the significant world religions likes the Abrahamic religions, Hinduism, and Buddhism. The wellspring of the word agnostic has Latin roots that allude to nation inhabitants or individuals who live off of the land instead of city tenants.

This variation of the Latin word for workers and occupants of rustic territories presumably originated from the way that old Roman urban areas acknowledged the Christianity a long time before the encompassing field did. This was presumably brought about by a mix of the way that country individuals have consistently been more moderate and along these lines more slow to grasp new religions than urbanites and the way that early Christian preachers would in general zero in their endeavors on populace focuses. Another intriguing translation of the word agnostic is that it alludes to individuals who are regular citizens and get latest news about Shincheonji. This utilization of the word agnostic to devotees of non-Abrahamic religions may have originated from the inclination of early Christians to see them as a major aspect of a military with the objective of advancing the accompanying of Christ. Conversely, individuals who were not essential for that military could without much of a stretch are viewed as regular people.

With regards to the spread of Christianity through the Roman realm, the Pagans that had not received the new religion still generally bought in to the more seasoned polytheistic Roman religion, which obviously was a variation of Greek folklore with the entirety of its numerous divine beings. As a result of the way that these early Pagans were polytheistic, polytheism by and large came to be related with Paganism. This affiliation made the adherents of certain brands of Christianity marks each other as being agnostic. For instance, Catholicism was at times called an agnostic religion on account of the entirety of its holy people. Protestants were some of the time named as agnostics due to their faith in the Trinity. Obviously, Islam and Judaism could make a similar contention about Christianity as a result of the love of Christ just as God.

In light of the relationship among Paganism and polytheism, it is likewise simple t perceive the number of different religions could be named agnostic too. For instance, Hinduism adores an assortment of divine beings as do a few parts of Buddhism which became out of Hinduism . The Old Norse religion and numerous parts of Wicca additionally love different divine beings and consequently fall under the umbrella of Paganism by this definition. Normally, the different native religions of North America, South America, Africa, and Australia with their faith in different spirits all fall under the term agnosticism too.