Link building is one of the methods of website marketing. By obtaining links you get traffic being forwarded through the link to your site but get a high ranking with search engines. Search engines rank sites for search results based on amount and the quality of link building services. Therefore, positioned each link building service has to be examined and tracked. This report looks into the 10 of the methods of searching links.

  1. Directory Submissions

Of searching link building services a simple means is by submitting your site. Some site directories are free while others will charge for list. A few of the directories worth considering are Google and Yahoo. You may seek for the ones that are linked to your site niche and directories. However, you want to be cautious and avoid because they can affect your search position, link farms and directories which are prohibited or penalized.

  1. Blogging

Writing blogs on blogging sites that are free is another method of building links. Blogs have anchored links and linked to your site content. You may also ask other bloggers to link to your site and to your site. Once you have a site it is easier to get links.


  1. Blog Commenting

Writing quality comments on sites is a powerful link building service. You may subscribe to get an update of the blogs related to your key words. You have anchored links and may offer quality comments of the sites. It is sensible to target websites with the sites that allow links and a PR.

  1. Forum Discussions

Participating in discussion forums can provide quality link building solutions. Search for forums related to your site and make contribution. It is sensible before adding links to be consistent in participation. You can place links which will have visitor after, by gaining confidence with forum members. Getting consistent avoids being suspected for spamming.

  1. Article Submissions

Article submission is also effective when link building. Search for top ranking article submission sites and write quality, provocative, innovative and informative articles that will interest the readers and entice them to follow to your site to seek to find out more.

  1. Social Bookmarking and Networking Websites

Composing articles that are bookmarking on social bookmarking sites like Delicious and Digg is a link building services. Write an interesting remark about facets of your sites to promote. Social networking websites such as Orkut, Twitter and Facebook are powerful for link building. Seek for communities and offer before linking value add info.

  1. News Release

Sending them and writing news releases may add link building services that are valuable. Goal news sites that are related to your market to rise on the value of this hyperlink. You can also send news items about the most recent technology, research results, survey results or new information concerning your site niche area. Make sure that things have a link.